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Kaua’i Day 3

Sunset at Princeville HotelChristmas Day. I call family and friends in Germany and marvel about the 11 hour time difference (off-topic: My Dad tells me about wheat prices going up because the US is turning 30% of their wheat into fuel). My neck hurts and I decide to take it easy today (no snorkeling). Zulah, Torsten, and Eric explore the reef just east of our place and see four turtles and various other cool animals.

CrabSea Mikado

The surf is a lot lower today. There are lots of whales about a mile out. We can see their blows, tail fin flaps, and spectacular breaches. I wish I had a telelens for capturing this.

Google Earth Image of PrincevilleRobin reserved seats at the Christmas Day Luau at the Princeville Hotel (Jonnu unfortunately doesn’t feel well enough to join — he did not survive last evening very well and spends most of the day worshipping the porcelain). The evening starts with a round of Mai Tais and Green Flashes (rum and melon liqueur) and very good local live music. Then everybody gathers around the pit for its ceremonial opening. A while later I’m eating some of that pork and it is unbelievably tasty! The evening continues with a fun demonstration of all kinds of Polynesian dances (Green Dance, Shell Blowing and Hula Dance, Maori Battle Dance, Tahitian Dance), including a Samoan Fire Dance. Very impressive and very beautiful.

Opening the Kalua PitKalua PigSamoan Fire Dance

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