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Kaua’i Day 1

Sealodge View LeftWhen we arrived last night after dark we just heard the big thunder of the waves. It sounded more like jet aircrafts than the California coast surf we are used to. This morning we see why: the waves are huge! Our place has a beautiful panorama onto the Pacific. We are located at place called Sealodge that is attached to the large Princeville Resort.

Sealodge View RightOne wrinkle of the place are the live cockroaches in the shower. Zulah expertly chews out the property manager and the booking agent and — since we have DSL — I shoot some close-up bath tub cockroach photos to our booking agent for illustration and documentation purposes. Minutes later we see the property manager knocking at our door. He promises to clean up the place (and by the time we return from our day trip the place is in fact spotless).

Torsten points to WhaleWe spend most of the day snorkeling at Ke’e Beach. What amazes me most is how the reef completely dissipates the energy of house-sized waves at a distance of less than 100 feet. The water between the reef and the beach is so calm that one can leisurely float along. There are some significant currents, though. We figure how to use the current to effortlessly float over the east half of the bay where the water is barely deep enough to swim but shallow enough that the sun beautifully brightens the colors of corals and fish.

Sunset at Kalalau TrailI can’t really snorkel as long as I want to because of my compressed disks. Looking up really hurts. After a late lunch I take some anti-inflammatories and life is almost immediately better. Eric, Jonnu, Torsten, and I hike a little bit into the Kalalau Trail but turn around after about a mile because it is getting dark. Gnarly Kalalau TrailThe trail is truly spectacular, gnarly, and very slippery. Luckily everybody is sufficiently surefooted because falling on this rocky trail would hurt. There are also spots were one step off the trail leads into an abyss, hundreds of feet straight down into the uncomfortable place of 20 foot waves slamming into the cliff.

Kepuhi Point at NightWe round up this beautiful day with grilled steak and salmon at Robin and Eric’s place at the Hanalei Colony Resort at the Kepuhi Point (West of Wainiha Bay). We like their place a lot. If we do this again together with Robin and Eric we might share a place with them during the day and maybe camp at the Ha’ena Beach Park, a mile or so West of Kepuhi Point.

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