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Migrating to WordPress at Dreamhost

One of the reasons for not posting to my old blog for so long was that iBlog became so unreliable that I was afraid another post would further corrupt its database. I finally decided that the only way to save this blog from oblivion was to reactivate it and put it at a place I trust (Dreamhost) using popular blogging software (WordPress).
I thought about using iWeb but couldn’t find anything that would help me converting iBlog entries to iWeb. Instead my search uncovered Agitprop which converted my iBlog entries to the Movable Type import file format which I then imported into my freshly installed WordPress (Dreamhost’s 1-click installation rocks!). Agitprop refused to convert my image links into proper URLs (the URL field in Option had no effect and the URLs where missing one of the initial “//”) but a quick use of vi fixed that problem. The formatting is still not where I want it to be but this will have to wait. With coffee2code’s plugin I even got to incorporate category images.

So here it is — my new attempt at blogging. We will see how this pans out.