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Public Testimony of Condoleezza Rice Before 9/11 Commission

New York Times published an online

I got up at 6 AM this morning to hear the testimony
live. Since everybody was still sleeping in the house, I listened to it in the
car. Both KQED and KPFA were transmitting (KQED’s transmission was about a
second delayed). Even though I was pretty tired, the exchanges with Senator Bob
Kerry (“You said the president was tired of swatting flies. Can you tell me one
example where the president swatted a fly when it came to Al Qaeda prior to
9/11?”) and Richard Ben-Veniste (“Did you tell the president, at any time prior
to Aug. 6 [2001], of the existence of al Qaeda cells in the United States?”)
sure kept me at the edge of my seat.

good “claim vs fact” piece is here
which has linked references to the transcript and other reports.

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