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Stern Grove: West African Highlife Band and Youssou N’Dour & The Super Etoile De Dakar

Another very good concert. A little more fog this time lead to pleasant temperatures. Lots of dancing. The most impressive musicians in both groups were the Tama players.On the way to the concert I was listening to Brian Eno’s The Long Now where he begins with contrasting hierarchical music such as traditional Pop music with clear separation of foreground and background layers, with less hierarchical music such as African music, Velvet Underground, and Steve Reich’s music. I think this concert really supported this notion: there was no such thing as a background or foreground instrument — except Youssou N’Dour’s singing of course. Oh, and then there were two incredible Senegalese dancers.

At the end the host had to cut off the concert — I think they would have played all night — people did not want to leave.

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