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Puerto Rico, Day 8

Culebra, Day 2

This morning I have difficulty waking up. But Zulah
drags me to the breakfast table at Dinghy Dock at 7:30 AM. I try a few cups of
cafe con leche but only the moccachino seems to finally do the trick. Actually,
it is the discovery that mosquito were attacking my legs that gets me running
back to the hotel room and spraying DEET all over me before rejoining the
breakfast party. I’m the worst mosquito magnet and I do not want to contract
dengue fever. Since Bonnie and Zulah both still have sore feet from our walk to
Playa Carlos Rosario yesterday, we decide to put our huge Mitsubishi to some use
and explore the island by car. We first drive south-east to Punta del Soldado.
The beach there is covered with dead corals and shells. It is so beautiful that
I almost don’t want to step on it. While Bonnie goes rock hunting we go for a
quick snorkeling trip. We see beautiful fire corals and lots of fish. I even
manage to take a movie of a flounder. It blends in so well that every time I
take my eyes off I have to search for it again.

Next we drive to Playa Zoni on the
north-east side of the island. On the way we pass very expensive looking homes
with hurricane-proof concrete roofs. Playa Zoni itself is the most beautiful
looking beach I’ve seen on the island: white sand, turquoise and deep-blue
water, and beautiful views on the islands Cayo Norte and Isla Culebrita which
both have beautiful beaches as well. We don’t stay very long since Zulah and I
still hope to fit in some snorkeling at Playa Carlos Rosario and Bonnie wants to
check out Playa Flamenco. To our surprise, Playa Flamenco turns out to be much
more crowded as yesterday. People already are starting to get ready for the
weekend party. So we decide to go back to Dewey and have a long, lazy lunch at
Mamacita’s before returning the car and catching the ferry back to the Puerto

As the ferry arrives to take us
back to Puerto Rico, we carefully analyze the faces of people leaving the ferry.
We don’t see that many pale faces this time and there is no big garbage can
filling up with used barf bags. Maybe this ride is not going to be as “eventful”
as the first ride. But people coming out of the boat were definitely getting
ready to party. One intensely pierced guy (three spikes below his lower lip,
three rings on each end of his lower lip, five rings on each eye brow, nose
ring of course, ears … you mean those cluster of rings and plugs on each side
of his head were ears!?) brought 8 palettes of Coors light!

The ride back is very smooth. The
ferry is so empty that I end up taking a nap on a row of

For dinner we discover a really
nice restaurant right in Bonnie’s neighborhood. Best grouper with mashed Yucca I

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