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The Corporation, created by Jennifer Abbot, Mark Achbar, and Joel Bakan

Finally I managed to see this excellent movie (movie’s site, book) on the last week it was still playing in the South Bay.Fascinating and shocking how the corporation has become a truly monstrous institution that has acquired a life of its own. Three highlights of the movie for me: (1) the corporation as a person being diagnosed as a psychopath, (2)morals don’t matter, getting the job done and be profitable forshareholders does, and (3) fascist countries tend to be much more investor-friendly than non-fascist countries (see for example the involvement of IBM in Nazi Germany).

I put this in the “Worries” category because I do worry about the fact that the most efficient and effective institutions of today are entirely and exclusively driven by profit in a world where social and environmental cost is either notaccounted for at all or only shows up as public relations expenses. Aparticularly insidious example that is mentioned in this movie is theexploitation of the “nagging” factor of children trying to convince their parents to purchase a product. TV ads are taking advantage of theincomplete developmental stage of children in order to make them nag more effectively for certain products.

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