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Kaua’i Day 9

Pink CoralToday (New Year’s Eve), Robin, Eric, Torsten, and Jonnu are heading down to the Grand Hyatt in Po’ipÅ« for another four days. But it is our last day on Kaua’i. Our plane doesn’t leave until 8:30PM HST so we still have a full day to enjoy (but we have to check out of our condo at 11AM). Before we leave the north we are trying to sneak in some snorkeling at the Tunnels Beach, directly east of Haena Beach Park. But we get there we see temporary warning signs all over the beach warning of strong currents. We walk a little east where a mother teach her children snorkeling about 10-20 feet into the water. Carefully we test the water, immediately see that it is an exceptional snorkeling spot, but conclude after only 10 minutes that it is way too dangerous. The tow is so strong that we are going backwards while paddling with our fins as strong as we can. What saves us is a wave that temporarily reverses the tow. I can’t imagine to be in the water without fins like these kids are. As we leave the water we watch a surfer struggling to get back to the beach. He finally arrives at the spot where the mother with her children are hanging out and advises them to better leave the water.

On that note we say Good Bye to the beautiful northern coast of Kaua’i and head south to Po’ipÅ« (with a stop at Hilo Hattie in Lihue). The sea is a lot calmer at the south coast and we spend an hour or so at the Poipu Beach Park. We see a Hawaiian Monk Seal resting on the otherwise pretty busy beach. But someone has put a “crime scene” fence around the seal and put up a sign telling about the fact that monk seals are on the endangered species list and need to be left alone. The water is very clear (Surrounded by Fish Movie, Needle Fish Movie) and we see a variety of sea urchins (movie) and even a nudibranch.

Red NudibranchMikado Sea UrchinParrot FishPoipu Clear Water

To celebrate New Year’s Eve Robin signed up her family for another Luau at the Hyatt — but for us there is just enough time left for a quick dinner at the Hyatt’s buffet (the large chocolate fountain impressed me most) before we have to go to the airport.

As our plane flies over Honolulu we watch the fireworks go off everywhere. New Year’s Day, 6AM we are back in San Francisco. What a great vacation — inspired by Joe and Nan’s trip to a wedding in Hawai’i and Wayne and Deborah’s excellent recommendations. Thank you!

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