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Kaua’i Day 7

Big WavesBoth Zulah and I don’t feel very good this morning. Zulah seems to have come down with a sinus infection and I have a sore throat. Also the waves are still very big — so snorkeling is definitely out. For the morning we hang out at the house and watch waves, whales, and the occasional rain shower approaching from the ocean and then drumming on our roof.

In the afternoon we meet up with Robin and visit the Limahuli Garden. It is truly the most beautiful botanical garden I’ve ever seen. The entrance fee of $15 seems steep but it is definitely worth it, especially since it includes a booklet of the 35 major exhibits. It is very fun to read right there and then about the many uses of the exhibited plants, and how they connect to the history, myths, and rituals of the Limahuli valley. The garden also offers spectacular views onto the ocean with its huge waves (the big wave warning is still on). Zulah and Robin have to honk the car and call my name to pull me out of my entranced state of beauty appreciation. Definitely a place to visit again.

Limahuli TerracesPōhaku-o-KāneAlulaMakana Mountain (aka Bali Hai)Fungus 2Fungus 1Twisted long leavesRed Hibiscus flowerice plantKava stemLantern plantLeave with holesLong sugar caneButting Sugar CaneTurmericLichenLimahuli Valley

The Hanalei Colony Resort is right at the sea. Robin and Eric received a note today that they should shut the windows before leaving the house and never turn their back to the ocean when walking along the beach. While the waves are big they seem to break in a safe distance. But freak swells do occur and kill people who don’t look out for them. This is fodder for nightmares: either the big shadow of a huge wave approaching the house before crushing onto it, or the surge of water that turns the living room window into a leaky aquarium.

Before dinner we play a few rounds Bocce (provided by Marley) with the occasional assistance of two neighborhood dogs who dutifully catch some of the Bocce balls and bring them back. We spend the night listening and discussing 70s and 80s music we find out Eric’s ipod. We also talk about electronic music, in particular Tangerine Dream (apparently well-known in the US) and Klaus Schulze (less well-known here).

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