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Kaua’i Day 5

Berries on Powerline trailWe snorkel in front of the Princeville Hotel but quickly discover that that was a bad decision. The run-off from all the rain last night has reduced visibility significantly and — as we find out later — increased the levels of bad bacteria in the water. I quickly loose interest and hang out in the hot tub which does wonders to my aching spine (getting old sucks).

After lunch at the Polynesian Cafe in Hanalei (I recommend the Polynesian Variety plate with Kalua pig on cabbage and brown rice, some spicy cubes of Tuna similar to Poke, and Lomilomi salmon) we hike for 2-3 miles into the northern part of the Powerline trail. The drawings on the message board near the trail head indicate that this is a popular hunting ground for hogs. There are also postings for lost dogs and a stack of blank “Lost Dog” forms. Hunters seem to loose their dogs here pretty frequently.

Boar hunt drawing 1Boar hunt drawing 2Boar hunt drawing 3Boar hunt drawing 4

Spider at Powerline trailI come across a huge spider web that only consists of a few but very strong strands. When I take a photo of the spider one of the strands touches my camera. As I pull the camera away, the strand first sticks to it but then releases with an audible click.

River valley off Powerline trailWe also encounter two two-stroke dirt bikes and a four wheeler. The trail is fairly easy to hike since it only has a few short steep sections but it has deep ruts and is quite slippery and therefore must be technically demanding for dirt bikers.

Dead trees near Powerline trailThe restaurant next to Eric and Robin’s place offers a special 2-hour long Happy Hour during which one gets free Mai Tais, provided one brings their “favorite pu pu platter”. Essentially a potluck dinner boosted by free drinks.

Mountain in clouds viewed from Powerline trail

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