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Kaua’i Day 4

EelZulah’s snorkeling experience off Anini Beach convinces us to go back and explore that area some more. Zulah manages to find the site with the crab again. But it is quite cloudy today which makes the underwater world look mostly grey.

Scorpion fishZulah has the uncanny ability to spot scorpion fish. This time I didn’t see it until — to Zulah’s horror — I almost bumped into it. Try to find it in the photo on the left (hint: its left eye is looking directly at you). Other highlights of this snorkel trip are two turtles (one is close enough for a movie) and an eel. After an hour or so the wind picks up and we get so cold that we head home.

Young fernAs we leave Anini Beach we drive by a large green that looks like Polo field. Soon we discover that it is indeed the Kauai Polo Club. It is well situated right across the street from my favorite beach. Maybe I can convince my closer family to create a partnership with this club that would require lots of visits …

Young evergreenIn the afternoon we hook up with Eric, Robin, Jonnu, and Torsten and go hiking on the Okolehao trail. The trail is quite steep and we get bitten by lots of mosquitos. In the end, only Jonnu, Torsten, and I make it to the lookout. I find this trail not nearly as beautiful as the Kalalau trail, and don’t understand why people are so enamored by the view onto the Taro fields of Hanalei Bay. But the trail also offers some intriguing vistas of the steep hills further inland with their many waterfalls glistening in the sun.

Junk carWe also check out a local bamboo forest. But the bamboo plants don’t seem to grow very large here. I’m much more fascinated by a junk car that is being overtaken by the jungle.

Hanalei BayShortly after returning to our cars we experience our first rain storm. Sitting at Eric and Robin’s place on the porch we enjoy the view out to the ocean which now looks menacing underneath all the dark rain clouds.

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