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Monthly Archives: December 2006

Kaua’i Day 7

Both Zulah and I don’t feel very good this morning. Zulah seems to have come down with a sinus infection and I have a sore throat. Also the waves are still very big — so snorkeling is definitely out. For the morning we hang out at the house and watch waves, whales, and the occasional […]

Kaua’i Day 6

Today is a big wave warning in effect and Zulah is not feeling well (I hope it is just a cold, given that we snorkeled in Hanalei Bay yesterday during major runoff from the previous rain) — so not a good day for snorkeling. So we decide to explore the island’s mountainous regions. It takes […]

Kaua’i Day 5

We snorkel in front of the Princeville Hotel but quickly discover that that was a bad decision. The run-off from all the rain last night has reduced visibility significantly and — as we find out later — increased the levels of bad bacteria in the water. I quickly loose interest and hang out in the […]

Kaua’i Day 4

Zulah’s snorkeling experience off Anini Beach convinces us to go back and explore that area some more. Zulah manages to find the site with the crab again. But it is quite cloudy today which makes the underwater world look mostly grey.

Kaua’i Day 3

Christmas Day. I call family and friends in Germany and marvel about the 11 hour time difference (off-topic: My Dad tells me about wheat prices going up because the US is turning 30% of their wheat into fuel). My neck hurts and I decide to take it easy today (no snorkeling). Zulah, Torsten, and Eric […]

Kaua’i Day 2

This morning we open our eyes to even bigger waves. Soon we are watching the first jet ski pulling a big wave surfer into these monsters. It is fascinating to watch how the surfer is shooting off across the 30 feet walls of water while the jet ski tries to quickly get behind the wave […]

Kaua’i Day 1

When we arrived last night after dark we just heard the big thunder of the waves. It sounded more like jet aircrafts than the California coast surf we are used to. This morning we see why: the waves are huge! Our place has a beautiful panorama onto the Pacific. We are located at place called […]

Storing Digital Memories (Part 2)

Whatever media digital information is stored on — the only way to figure out whether the information is still usable is to try using it. So I decided to move my photo archive to the living room and connect it via a MacMini to our HDTV.

Storing Digital Memories (Part 1)

It is surprisingly difficult to digitally store personal records such as photos so that they are available for generations. During the last decade millions of dollars were spent to come up with strategies on how to preserve digital media in institutions such as public libraries. But what about all the personal records before they are […]