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Monthly Archives: May 2004

Daniel F. Zucker Ubiquitous Web Browsing (part 2)

Daniel F. Zucker: Ubiquitous Web Browsing (part 1)

(Abstract and contact) This talk was Daniel F. Zucker’s key note at Cool Chips in Japan. Daniel is the Director of Technology at ACCESS Co. Ltd. which is headquartered in Chiba, Japan and specializes on web browsers in mobile devices. By doing this they were greatly benefitting from the recent surge in wireless technology. They […]

Off-shore outsourcing sucks!

Why the service of a ubiquitous copying & printing store got slower.

Don Martin

Ah, Don Martin, my favorite comic artist. There is now an entry even at wikipedia. I still remember the day when after reading many Don Martin strips I started to carefully study them — little details like ears, eyes, teeth, etc. It’s like discovering a language. His comics are famous for his new word creations […]

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 earns Palme d’Or!!!

Moore said after the ceremony that he expected right-wing media outlets in the United States to characterize his prize as an award from the French, whose government opposed the U.S.-led war on Iraq. He noted that the nine-person Cannes jury that awarded prizes had only one French member and four Americans, including jury president Quentin […]

Salam Pax in the news

The last entry of dear_read is from April 10. Today I was starting to get worried so I news.googled and found that not only is he alive and well, he is currently on a world-wide tour peddling his book …

IFTF Spring Exchange: Random Notes of Day 1

San Francisco Symphony

Vance George conducts Bach Mass in B minor, with Donna Brown, Christina Wilcox, James Taylor, Christopher Maltman, and the SFS Chorus

Elin R¿nby Pedersen: AROMA revisited – providing activity information without attention overload and privacy violation

She describes a particular system that translates activity in a room in terms of number of people, movement, and amount of noise into an abstraction consisting of a flat display of a blue sky with a few clouds, wiggling balloons, and migrating birds.

Black Eagle Camp, Day 3

This morning I wake up much earlier just in time to take pictures of the sunrise. It is 6AM and are not planning to leave the camp until 9. Lot’s of time to explore! First I go up a ways towards the upper mine but find that the views do not improve. I then walk […]