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Monthly Archives: April 2004

How to make research on the web more productive

I would like to be able to quickly record the context in which I arrived at a certain link that I want to remember. Maintaining a log to record ideas, insights, and other things helps but should be more tightly integrated with browsing, email, calendar, bibliography databases, and paper annotations.

Toru Iiyoshi: Technology-Enhanced Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Represent, Share and Build Pedagogical Knowledge Online

Abstract, Knowledge Media Laboratory (KML), Zulah and I are both inspired.

Vern Paxson on Worms

Climate change links

Slashdot article and good post in its discussion, Apollo Alliance, abrupt climate change, recent NASA satellite results, impact on the West, Lewis Lapham interview

Today’s random finds

Reviews Neal Stephenson’s new “The Confusion” and older “Quicksilver“, his metaweb, transcripts of the 9/11 commission hearings, transcript of today’s Bush address, and an amazing campaign financing watch dog site.

Hugo and Nebula Award Nominees

2004 Hugo Award Nominees, 2004 Nebula Award Nominees, Paul’s Federal and State Budget 2005 Explorer

Paul Eastham’s Federal and State Budget 2005 explorer

Just in case I lose sight of the efficiency of “Social Security”, Paul Eastham‘s Budget Explorer is a good reminder. The blog about his plane construction efforts is also interesting.

Public Testimony of Condoleezza Rice Before 9/11 Commission

New York Times published an online transcript

San Francisco Symphony

Yuri Termirkanov conducting Shostakovich Symphony No. 7 in C major, Opus 60, Leningrad (1941)

The Memory Hole

Wired News article, The Memory Hole, and its blog