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Monthly Archives: March 2004

Lessig’s new book “Free Culture” available online

You can download it here, and there are reviews with Lessig’s comments (and RSS link)

Back from Puerto Rico

Some photos on the web

Starting to read more blogs than web pages

Salam Pax, The Guardian, Bloggy Awards, Wires

Puerto Rico, Day 11

Last day: Kayaking and snorkeling west of Gilligan’s Island, another hike in the Guánica Biosphere Reserve

Puerto Rico, Day 10

Guánica Biosphere Reserve

Puerto Rico, Day 9


Puerto Rico, Day 8

Culebra, Day 2

Puerto Rico, Day 7

Culebra, Day 1

Puerto Rico, Day 6

Humacao Wildlife Refuge, Masks and Prints in Loiza, Fort San Felipe del Morro, Ambrosia Restaurant in Old San Juan

Puerto Rico, Day 5

Organizing Culebra Island visit, Humacao Wildlife Refuge