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Jennifer Mankoff: Enhancing User Experiences in Ubiquitous Computing

IFTF Spring Exchange: Random Notes of Day 1

Elin R¿nby Pedersen: AROMA revisited – providing activity information without attention overload and privacy violation

She describes a particular system that translates activity in a room in terms of number of people, movement, and amount of noise into an abstraction consisting of a flat display of a blue sky with a few clouds, wiggling balloons, and migrating birds.

Eugene Eric Kim: Towards an Interoperability Framework for Collaborative Tools

Eugene view of collaboration tools is essentially that today’s collaboration tools still fall short of what Doug Engelbart demonstrated 46 years ago. The first reason is just lack of integration or a common framework, and the second reason is that individual features of Doug’s demo don’t seem to make sense without the whole, get forgotten, […]

Toru Iiyoshi: Technology-Enhanced Scholarship of Teaching and Learning: Represent, Share and Build Pedagogical Knowledge Online

Abstract, Knowledge Media Laboratory (KML), Zulah and I are both inspired.

Jason I. Hong: Privacy in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing

“Privacy in the Age of Ubiquitous Computing” by Jason I. Hong (UC Berkeley)