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Storing Digital Memories (Part 3)

Over a year ago I started a multi-part series of postings about storing digital memories at home. In part 1 I wrote about the importance of frequently using archived files so they don’t get lost due to silent corruption. In part 2 I described how I moved my personal archive into my living room and […]

Storing Digital Memories (Part 2)

Whatever media digital information is stored on — the only way to figure out whether the information is still usable is to try using it. So I decided to move my photo archive to the living room and connect it via a MacMini to our HDTV.

Storing Digital Memories (Part 1)

It is surprisingly difficult to digitally store personal records such as photos so that they are available for generations. During the last decade millions of dollars were spent to come up with strategies on how to preserve digital media in institutions such as public libraries. But what about all the personal records before they are […]

Quote of the Day

“tag superpositions solve the problem of hierarchy and polysemy in folksonymous systems without abandoning the flexibility of a bottom-up emergent domain vocabulary.” Maciej Ceglowski, delicious-discuss, 1/11/2005, 9:57PM PST Web

I still remember how I was blown away when I checked out DEC’s AltaVista search engine for the first time almost 10 years ago. Up to that point bookmarks were the most important navigation instrument and people used to exchange new discoveries by email: the cooler your friends the cooler your bookmarks. For a while […]

How to make research on the web more productive

I would like to be able to quickly record the context in which I arrived at a certain link that I want to remember. Maintaining a log to record ideas, insights, and other things helps but should be more tightly integrated with browsing, email, calendar, bibliography databases, and paper annotations.