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When Oil Production Peaks

Listening to another talk given at the Long Now Foundation, this time by Peter Schwartz I learned that no known form of energy has a chance to replace Hydrocarbons: sun, wind, water, and tide does not provide enough, …

The Corporation, created by Jennifer Abbot, Mark Achbar, and Joel Bakan

Finally I managed to see this excellent movie (movie’s site, book) on the last week it was still playing in the South Bay.

Terrorist Attacks and the Election

After reading this I’m probably not the only one who gets the sneaking suspicion that this administration will somehow manage to postpone elections until the president has a higher chance of winning. After what recently happened in Congress I for one certainly don’t put it past this administration to do just that. Or, maybe this […]

Climate change links

Slashdot article and good post in its discussion, Apollo Alliance, abrupt climate change, recent NASA satellite results, impact on the West, Lewis Lapham interview

Pentagon Report on Abrupt Climate Change

Commondreams report (based on Guardian), Greenpeace report, Original Pentagon report (via Greenpeace’s executive summary), Fortune’s magazine article (need to pay to get the full version)