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Agitprop web site down

Thanks to Tom Gilson I found that Agitprop is not available anymore. As mentioned earlier Agitprop works quite well for converting iBlog content into something that can be imported into WordPress. This very blog was “rescued” that way. A zipped copy of Agitprop is available here.

Don Martin

Ah, Don Martin, my favorite comic artist. There is now an entry even at wikipedia. I still remember the day when after reading many Don Martin strips I started to carefully study them — little details like ears, eyes, teeth, etc. It’s like discovering a language. His comics are famous for his new word creations […]

Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 911 earns Palme d’Or!!!

Moore said after the ceremony that he expected right-wing media outlets in the United States to characterize his prize as an award from the French, whose government opposed the U.S.-led war on Iraq. He noted that the nine-person Cannes jury that awarded prizes had only one French member and four Americans, including jury president Quentin […]

Salam Pax in the news

The last entry of dear_read is from April 10. Today I was starting to get worried so I news.googled and found that not only is he alive and well, he is currently on a world-wide tour peddling his book …

Today’s random finds

Reviews Neal Stephenson’s new “The Confusion” and older “Quicksilver“, his metaweb, transcripts of the 9/11 commission hearings, transcript of today’s Bush address, and an amazing campaign financing watch dog site.

Hugo and Nebula Award Nominees

2004 Hugo Award Nominees, 2004 Nebula Award Nominees, Paul’s Federal and State Budget 2005 Explorer

Paul Eastham’s Federal and State Budget 2005 explorer

Just in case I lose sight of the efficiency of “Social Security”, Paul Eastham‘s Budget Explorer is a good reminder. The blog about his plane construction efforts is also interesting.

Public Testimony of Condoleezza Rice Before 9/11 Commission

New York Times published an online transcript

The Memory Hole

Wired News article, The Memory Hole, and its blog

Pulitzer Price Winners

Los Angeles Times wins “Breaking News Reporting”, “National Reporting”, “Criticism”, “Editorial Writing”, and “Feature Photography”. Contrast this with New York Times winning “Public Service” only.